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2015 Year In Review

A Look Back At What God Has Done

The Good Story was launched on April 7, 2015.  We could have never imagined what would unfold once we made this vision public. Over 50 missionaries have been served in 2015 by our Ambassadors!  From web site design, brochures, prayer cards, portraits, and communication training to traveling abroad to provide photo documentation, here are a few highlights from our three international trips.

Portoroz, Slovenia

REACHGlobal Missions Conference

Slovenia Objective

We were invited by ReachGlobal to their biannual missions conference for the SERVEurope division. In 43 portrait sessions, we photographed missionary families/couples/individuals to give them updated images for print/web/personal use. We taught two workshops covering various communication strategies and topics. Upon returning to the States, our Good Story Ambassadors designed 22 prayer cards for ReachGlobal missionaries.


Portrait Session

Prayer Cards Designed

We traveled back to Europe from October 27th through November 3rd. The itinerary was as physically taxing as we thought it would be, but oh the joy and rejuvenation we felt in service! We came alongside two REACHGlobal city teams to document what God is doing to defibrillate the spiritually dead climate of Europe. As physically beautiful as these cities are, absence of Christ was tangibly felt in our spirits. In stark contrast, those who have come to a saving knowledge of Christ were so full of warmth and joy we didn’t want to leave their presence. The commitment level of our international brothers and sisters in Christ— living boldly for the gospel— is something that brands the heart.

Toulouse, France

October 28-31

Toulouse Objective

We photographed the marginalized people groups that make up the population of the city, as well as documented current ReachGlobal ministries happening in Toulouse. Images will be used for a 15-day prayer guide to educate supporters, as well as to recruit more workers who are desperately needed to support these ministries.

Budapest, Hungary

October 31 - November 3

Budapest Objective

We were asked by the missionaries here to document two stories that reflect the culture and challenges of ministry in Hungary. These stories will educate supporters on the need for intercession and continued financial support. The biggest religious holiday of the year, All Saints Day, happened during our visit. We interviewed and accompanied a Catholic, Hungarian woman as she made the pilgrimage to the graves of her family to light candles and pray for their eternal destinations. We also interviewed a Pakistani believer and former refugee about her story of faith— fleeing her country and living at a Hungarian refugee camp. We later accompanied her to that camp.

Thank you for your generosity in prayer, encouragement, and giving.

How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in the presence of our God because of you?

1 Thessalonians 3:9

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