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The Roma in Europe

This fall, a media team of four Ambassadors from The Good Story will travel to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzogovenia, and Niš, Serbia to continue their work amongst the Roma.


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A note

From Jason

I became an Ambassador for The Good Story in 2017. The vision and purpose of TGS and the concept of media missions is something I’ve thought and prayed about through the years and even explored with others. So, when the opportunity presented itself to use the skill of photography to help missionaries communicate their impact and advance good around the world, I didn’t hesitate. I’m passionate about using creative expression as a means to tell compelling stories of life change and to point people toward God and his beauty.

Visual arts and technology are the preeminent mediums of our day even in undeveloped countries. I’ve been amazed to see in some of the most off-the-grid places, people carrying cell phones and having access to the world through the web and social media. Knowing this, we have an incredible opportunity to use these avenues to share the gospel and promote the heart of ministries that are focused on the great commission and improving lives in every corner of the globe.

As I’ve done photography with individuals, families, at events and for businesses looking to enhance their brand, God has given me opportunities to share my faith, encourage people and even build community around spiritual conversations. I’ve seen the Spirit infuse hope into people’s lives, motivate them to seek a different path and was a part of helping a girl escape from sex trafficking by posting an image of her search on social media. I consistently see God’s hand in my connection to visual arts and telling stories through photography.

With that said, this coming October, I have the opportunity to travel with The Good Story and a team of ambassadors to Bosnia and Serbia. I will be taking portraits for missionaries attending a conference, handling some event photography, and contributing to helping missionaries communicate the power of their narratives and ministries. I will be documenting the trip from a still photography perspective as well and the work with the Roma people, arguably one of the most misunderstood and persecuted people groups on the planet. I will also be helping to tell the story of the trip on TGS social media platforms. I can’t wait to be a part of this amazing opportunity and am humbled that I’ve been invited to use my skills to be on mission with God and his people.

Those who are familiar with me and my passionate heart for the world know how excited I am to be a part of this trip and I would like to humbly invite anyone reading this to consider joining me in faith as I seek the necessary funds and resources to go. I know God will provide for me and that he will make a way through the generosity of his people. If nothing else, please pray with and for me as I await financial provision. If you decide to partner with me financially, please know that all donations are tax deductible above and beyond the contribution you will be making to the spread of the gospel in eastern Europe and beyond. Please take some time to read more about the trip and The Good Story here on the site.

If you have any questions or would like to hear more please reach out at [email protected]. Thank you in advance for your prayers and support!

With Much Love,


Get to know

The Organizations

What is The Good Story

The Good Story is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry that pairs Kingdom-minded professionals in the creative arts and technology with missionaries and small under-resourced ministries and missions agencies. Ambassadors help craft and tell their stories through various mediums with visual excellence and offer much needed communication training utilizing today’s technology.

Roma Network is a grassroots ministry working amidst, for and with the Roma (Gypsy) people. Their vision is to network, connect, and research this people group for the sake of sharing the gospel and seeing transformation in Roma communities throughout Europe. As relationships are formed, Roma Networks is able to connect different ministries to match needs with tools and resources. This ranges from leadership and discipleship training, Bible translations, literacy programs, community development and social justice. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage Roma communities to unite and encourage each other for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Their European conferences is held every three years to allow networking and connecting, strengthening relationships and creating new ones. The main goal of the 2019 European Roma Conference will be to motivate and empower local churches to take action using the talents and gifts already existing in the Body of Christ and work in partnership with one another.

Chairperson – Roma Networks – Croatia

Nina Jankucic

“We partnered with The Good Story at our last European Roma Conference in 2016. Out of this partnership the short documentary, ‘We Are Here’ was created.  This film has been an excellent tool to inform national churches about what God has and is doing among the Roma. In recent years, the Roma have become a sought after mission field. We hope this years conference theme, ‘Healthy Partnerships’ will allow The Good Story to make a compelling follow up film and create awareness on how to make healthy partnerships and in the process learn from one another while we serve the Kingdom together.

The Good Story and their ambassadors are a vital tool in this movement of the Gospel amongst the Roma. We are so grateful to work with these professionals again this year.” 

Images of

The 2016 Conference

The Good story – Estonia team








Photography/Video Assistant

What we’ll be doing

Team Responsibilities

One of our focuses at TGS is to provide small, under-resourced ministries with professional communication pieces for them to use for print and online. These items help to substantiate the impact of these grassroots ministries in what they do for the Kingdom. The following services provided will be utilized not only by Roma Networks, but all affiliated ministries and churches to help further the cause of the Christian Roma throughout Europe.


We will provide Roma Networks with full conference coverage. We will also provide professional portraits for the leaders and attendees for them to use for their various ministries.


We will create a conference highlight video for the attendees to use to further the cause of Roma Networks and to encourage others to join the next conference. This video also serves to validate the substance and impact of this conference which is a historic gathering of over 40 countries together for the purpose of unity and the gospel.

Additionally, we will be making a follow up video to the “We Are Here” documentary that focuses on this year’s conference theme of “partnership”. We aim to show the incredible effect healthy partnerships can have on Roma believers/churches and non- Roma churches and organizations. With decades of data about past movements of revival and church planting throughout the Balkans and Europe, there is proof that strong partnerships, equipping and training have been the catalyst to the gospel going further and churches staying healthier. We desire to bring to light these facts as well as make a case for future partnerships with the Roma.

Support Needs

Our team needs to raise their collective funds by June 1st in order to secure airline tickets and conference lodging for the European Roma Conference.

Trip Details

When: October 4-12, 2019

Total Needed: $2,400

Cost includes round trip airfare, rental car cost to/from Bosnia and Serbia, conference registration fees/lodging in Bosnia, lodging/meals while filming in Serbia.


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