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Roma To The Nations
Miranda Canady

101% funded


A Note From Miranda

“What an incredible opportunity to rally with missionaries across the globe to glorify God by sharing the story of the Roma people. Most commonly, and distastefully, referred to as “Gypsies,” the Roma people have endured much persecution and discrimination. Traveling without homes, they have found refuge in God’s promises. Christ is doing a work in the hearts of these people who have faced oppression at every turn. I find myself both heartbroken and challenged by their story, inspired to share it with the world.

At the Roma Conference, missionaries will come together to share their gifts and talents, equipping and encouraging one another to lobby for this people group without a voice. A grace encounter to extend the truth of the gospel and God’s unfailing love to the Roma people, who are shamed and left with nothing. Sharing their story may be the catalyst for Christian revival in Europe and the rest of the world.”