We are Here

A documentary about Jesus giving His identity to a forgotten people group.

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Who Are The Roma?

For centuries, the Roma or Romani have arguably been one of the most misunderstood people groups on our planet. 

Rumors have long persisted about these mysterious people who blow into town to seduce men and women, and steal everything in sight, including children.  How can a people group of over 20 million worldwide stir up such controversy and debate about its identity and origin? How can the world have turned a blind eye to a population this large? They are debatably one of most oppressed, marginalized, despised, and neglected people groups ever to exist in humanity. Forgotten and dehumanized at every turn. Told they are nothing and nobody. This is the message that wallpapers the heart of a Roma.

But what if they were to encounter Jesus?

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Film Origins

In September 2016, four members of the nonprofit The Good Story traveled to Békés, Hungary to attend a historical gathering of 180 Roma and non-Roma leaders from over 30 countries.

A few years prior to this trip we learned about this massive people group and their desperate plight against marginalization. One Roma bemoaned that until someone let them tell their story nothing was going to change. Our name came up as a ministry that platforms those with no opportunity or means to share their story, so we traveled to Hungary to see for ourselves. After six days, many interviews and a visit to a Roma village church, “We Are Here” was born.

million worldwide

million in Europe

million in The U.S.

Thousand in Brazil


Roma Fact Sheet

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