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The Roma in Albania

From April 8-15, 2024, a media team of four Ambassadors from The Good Story will travel to Durres, Albania to support the work of Roma Networks at their national conference.


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 A note from

Joey and Adara

Over five years ago, Joey had the privilege of editing and motion designing a short documentary titled “We Are Here” for The Good Story. The film has since been viewed over 4,000 times by individuals and groups around the world, translated into multiple languages, and continues to spark important conversations about the Roma community and movement of the gospel through this unlikely people.

Adara started working with The Good Story about a year ago as a designer and has been working with them part-time to support missionaries and nonprofit ministries across the world with their graphic and web design needs.

We are thankful The Good Story has asked us to continue to use our communication skills and to tell the story of the Roma people together.

Our mission involves capturing the upcoming Roma Networks Conference, a historic gathering of Roma leaders and pastors from over 50 countries across Europe, Asia and South America. The conference presents a unique opportunity to showcase the vibrant spirit of the Roma community through worship and teaching, network resources and build partnerships, and most importantly strategize the reach of the gospel further in each nation. Joey is particularly excited to meet some of the people he spent hours editing in the documentary.

Here’s how your support will make a difference:

  1. Revitalize the Roma Network’s promotional materials:
    Update outdated content with fresh photography and engaging videos, showcasing the network’s diverse membership and impactful work. Document the Roma Networks Conference: Capture the energy and spirit of this momentous gathering through photography and video. Joey will be working on a 2-3 minute highlight video while Adara will assist with video production and communication consultations.
  2. Empower ReachGlobal’s Roma Team:
    Create a compelling 2-3 minute promotional video of ReachGlobals’ Roma team consisting of four individuals who will all be together at this conference. They are spread around the globe, so this is a huge opportunity to create something while they are together. This video will focus on their shared collective vision, mission, and future goals with the hope of this video helping them build the financial and prayer support team they need to continue in this vital work. 

Why We Need Your Support:

While The Good Story has generously budgeted and planned the travel, we still require your help to reach our fundraising goal. These funds will cover essential travel and accommodation costs (see a detailed breakdown below), allowing us to focus our energy on creating effective content. Additionally, any contributions exceeding our target will be used to provide travel and accommodation for Roma leaders who would otherwise be unable to attend the conference.

By contributing, you’re not just helping us capture the stories of the Romani people; you’re investing in their future. Your generosity will enable us to showcase their passion for Christ to the nations and help spur more partnerships, resources and training for the Roma believers, leaders and pastors.

Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of the Romani people group. Please consider joining us on this journey by making a donation and praying for us today.

Thank you for your generosity and support!

Joey & Adara

Chairperson – Roma Networks – Croatia

Nina Jankucic

“We partnered with The Good Story at our European Roma Conferences in 2016 and 2019. Out of this partnership the short documentaries, ‘We Are Here’ and ‘Reach’ were created.  These films have been excellent communication tools to inform national churches about what God has and is doing amongst the Roma people.

The Good Story and their ambassadors are a vital tool in this movement of the Gospel amongst the Roma. We are so grateful to work with these professionals again this year.” 

Get to know

The Organizations

What is The Good Story

The Good Story is a 501(c)3 nonprofit ministry that pairs Kingdom-minded professionals in the creative arts and technology with missionaries and small under-resourced ministries and missions agencies. Ambassadors help craft and tell their stories through various mediums with visual excellence and offer much needed communication training utilizing today’s technology.

Roma Network is a grassroots ministry working amidst, for and with the Roma (Gypsy) people. Their vision is to network, connect, and research this people group for the sake of sharing the gospel and seeing transformation in Roma communities throughout Europe. As relationships are formed, Roma Networks is able to connect different ministries to match needs with tools and resources. This ranges from leadership and discipleship training, Bible translations, literacy programs, community development and social justice. Ultimately, the goal is to encourage Roma communities to unite and encourage each other for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

Images of

Past Roma Conferences

The Good story – Albania team


Graphic Design Consultation






Photography/Video Assistant

What we’ll be doing

Team Responsibilities

One of our main focuses at TGS is providing small, under-resourced ministries with professional communication pieces for print and online. These items help to substantiate the impact of these grassroots ministries in what they do for the Kingdom. The following services provided will be utilized not only by Roma Networks, but all affiliated ministries and churches to help further the cause of the Christian Roma throughout Europe.


We will provide Roma Networks with full conference coverage. We will also provide professional portraits for the leaders and attendees for them to use for their various ministries.


We will create a conference highlight video for the attendees to use to further the reach of Roma Networks and to encourage others to join the next conference. This video also serves to validate the substance and impact of this conference which is a historic gathering of over 40 countries together for the purpose of unity and strategizing the gospel throughout Europe and beyond.

Additionally, we will be filming and producing a short support raising promotional video for a team of four individuals serving with ReachGlobal to the Roma people. 

Support Needs

Funding is needed by March 1, 2024 in order to secure all trip details. 

Trip Details

When: April 8-15, 2024

Total Needed: $2,600

Cost covers both Adara and Joey for two round-trip airfares, rental car, conference registration fees/lodging in Albania, food/incidentals, travel insurance, and equipment rental.

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