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Can Millennials Commit?

Matt and Jaimie Wommack



by Mandi Corbett

Header image by Warren Wright
Cuirim House, Nogales, Mexico

“If there’s one thing we’ve learned through ministry so far, it’s the importance of consistency,” Jamie Wommack said. Her husband, Matt, nodded in strong agreement.

The Wommacks are passionate twenty-somethings with an extraordinary love for the eternal. They have committed their lives to building God’s Kingdom through the every day details of their lives. And in five of marriage, this shared passion has consistently turned the ordinary into a rich, life-giving adventure.

The Wommack’s passion for the Kingdom began years ago when they were just teenagers, serving side by side at the Cuirum House—an outreach that serves impoverished families in Nogales, Mexico. It was there they first witnessed the vital role of long-term commitment in building God’s Kingdom.

Matt and Jaimie outside their home in Lynchburg, Virginia

Photo by Ryan Portnoy

“We still visit Cuirum House regularly,” Jaimie said. “It takes our focus off of our own lives and reminds us what’s really important—investing in people . . . people are the only thing you get to take with you to heaven.”

Today, Matt and Jamie are both full-time teachers, and after several years in the school system, their eyes have been opened to the need for inner-city outreach.

“These kids come from broken homes and they are seeking love outside of their families. They’re broken, abused, and ending up in jail,” Jaimie said. “We can’t just stand by and watch when we have the ability to step up into those gaps. If you see a gap, then you need to fill it. Because if you don’t, Satan will.”

“People were coming and going from these teenagers lives and what they needed were people who were going to stay . . . people who would become a part of their community.”

“When you see God moving, you move in that direction,”

And that is exactly what Matt and Jaimie have committed to do. They are walking through life with troubled teenagers through mentorship, discipleship, sports outreach, and meeting basic needs in communities that have been disregarded for far too long.

“We are called to live missionally wherever we are,” Jamie said. “There are just as many needs here as there are in Nogales, Mexico.”

Matt and Jaimie aren’t just living missionally by building their own ministry—they also believe in supporting the ministry of others.

“When you see God moving, you move in that direction,” Matt said. “And we saw Him clearly moving through The Good Story. We love that TGS is connecting creatives to their part in the Great Commission. You’ve got missionaries who are the literal hands and the feet of the Gospel, but I see creatives as the ligaments. They are the glue that holds all the pieces together.“

“It’s hard for missionaries today to get the younger generation to read their newsletters, let alone write a check or care about the details of their ministries. The Good Story is getting the word out in a way that people are going to read it, care about it, and become a part of it,” Matt said.

Statistically, committing to long-term giving is not something common among millennials today, but it’s something the Wommacks are deeply passionate about.

“Investing for the long haul is like being a part of the whole picture. We see people our age often times give one time towards a cause. We feel like they are missing the best parts that longevity can breed when you really invest. We want to be a part of the whole story of TGS,” Jaimie said.

“This is the Kingdom of God in action, and to be a part of that is such a treasure. Any sacrifices we’re making now won’t be sacrifices at all in the end.”

You don’t have to be a creative or a technological guru to become an integral part of The Good Story. There are many other ways to get involved in the movement, and one of the most powerful and necessary ways is by investing financially.

Help continue the work of equipping and training missionaries to be effective communicators so the least of these will always have a voice that is heard…one story at a time.

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